The Lions Club Of Phuket Andaman Sea received a Certificate of Appreciation for our small donation to the Sitio Target Extension School in the Aeta Village / Philippines. Thank you Lion David for bringing this project to our attention. Lionism has no borders!


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Wheelchair Donation At Cape Yamu

Recently our club donated three wheelchairs at Cape Yamu to the villagers.

Two of the chairs were for two older ladies and one for a mentally and physically disable young girl who depends completely on the help of others.

As she needs as well pampers to enjoy her life our club decided to support the family with a monthly donation of pampers for the coming 12 month.

Seeing the smile on the faces of the beneficiaries was reward enough for us and we knew that we helped at the right spot.


The Lions Club of Phuket Andaman Sea made a cash donation of THB 20,000.- to the Phuket has been good to us foundation.

We like to see the children of Phuket getting better English skills. The PHBGTF is currently teaching more than 1000 children on the island with its team.

For some it might be just a drop on a hot stone, for the children it is crucial.



Since 7 years now the Lions Club of Phuket Andaman Sea is doing this great activity. Its almost a tradition already.

This year we bought food worth THB 12,500.- for the elderly home and made a little Christmas gift of THB 100.- in cash to 70 old fellows as well as a THB 1,000.- cash donation for the operation.

Below you find some impressions of this activity.