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The world's most powerful earthquake in more than 40 years struck deep under the Indian Ocean, triggering huge Tsunamis that destroyed villages and seaside resorts and killed more than 300,000 people in some dozen Asian countries and Africa.
The United Nation's Children Fund (UNICEF) estimated children made up one third of the death toll.
Thailand was not as badly effected as some other regions of Asia but the devastation was still immense. The Khao Lak area and Phi Phi Island particularly, were struck with an unbelievable force which left the death toll in the Thousands. There are still Thousands more missing and presumed dead

Thousands homeless


Children in need


Army taking care of kids The Tsunami disaster of the 26th December 2004 will remain etched upon the minds of millions of the inhabitants of South-East-Asia for years to come. This disaster on a scale never witnessed before has left hundreds of thousands homeless and without any belongings. Most of the effected life in camps with not more than what they are wearing.
Worst effected are, as always, the children. Many are left with only one parent or are orphaned. The Thai Army together with Aid organisations are taking care for these unfortunate children. Many schools have also been destroyed, leaving the children without any education facility. Many children face an uncertain future.


With thousands of children who are either orphaned, homeless or both are in need of immediate and long term care. All of us can help in some way to improve their living conditions, education and general wellbeing.
Our project is to set up a modern 
Children's Village with a homely atmosphere in which the children will experience love and security once again. The Thai Government is committed to a re-housing program for those who have been made homeless by this disaster. They have already made great strides in the effected areas and have set up camps with food, water & medical facilities to accommodate the Tsunami victims. However many of these people will remain in tents of 4 sqm for some time to come.

Villages completely vanished   Tourist Industry suffers badly

Some coastal villages in South Thailand have been completely destroyed and with them the fishing industry that feeds all these people. Thousands are dead or still missing. Most of those that managed to survive the Tsunami still remain homeless. The damage goes into the Millions of Euro and the reconstruction effort will take years to complete.


Many Hotels and Resorts located along the beautiful beaches of the region have been totally destroyed or badly damaged. Many tourists are dead or missing. Most of the surviving foreigners, mainly tourists have departed from the country, leaving many locals without jobs or income.

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