Last week a huge delegation of our Club was flying to Penang George Town to visit our fellow Lions of the Lions Club George Town for their 47th Club Anniversary and for the Banquet Dinner with the Lions World President.

The four days were full of fun and we met old friends from the Malaysian Lion Clubs, the Japanese Lion Clubs, the Club from Singapore and others like from Macao, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

A big thank you to our fellows from the Lions Club Penang George Town for their great hospitality and organization. We look forward to welcome all of you this year on Phuket.

Please see here a few pictures of that four days in Penang.


The Lions Club of Phuket Andaman Sea donated needed Polo Shirts to 150 students for the Patong Tambon Non formal and Informal Education Center. Value of the Donation is THB 39,000.-.

A big “Thank you” to our fellow Lions in Niedernhausen / Germany

We just got the good news of our fellow Lions in Niedernhausen / Germany, that they will go on with their support towards the Phuket Sunshine Village Project (Child Care Center / Foster Home For Children In Need).

Because of the fellow Lions of the Lions Foerderverein Niedernhausen we are able to give our European donors the possibility to donate to a bank account in Europe/Germany without any transfer costs. German donors are even able to get a donation receipt which is accepted by the German tax authorities.

Thank you fellow Lions from Niedernhausen / Germany and thank you all, which are supporting this wonderful project through the Lions Club Of Phuket Andaman Sea.