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Activities in 2002

24. September 2002


8. October 2002


Donating a check in the summe of 10.000 Baht for the victins of the flood in North Thailand. The check was handed over by the clubs President Narin Sethichaiyen to the Governor of Phuket.


  Donation of a wheel chair to Miss Parinja Seaeong, who  is suffering from Multiples Scleroses. As she is unable to walk, we thought it would be very helpful for this 20 year old girl to have a wheel-chair to be mobile.

22. November 2002


20. July 2002


The Lions Club of Phuket Andaman Sea got aware of the tragedy of Mr. Nai Dung Kohloy, a 27 year old fisherman from Rawai, who lost his left leg in a boating accident five years ago. We decided to help this unfortunate man by getting him a leg-protease to improve his ability to move and walk without a crutch.
Over the last month the Lions Club of Phuket Andaman Sea financed several trips for Mr. Nai Dung Kohloy to Surathani for measuring, fitting and producing the leg-protese. Then finally on the 22nd of November the leg-protease was ready for presentation and handing-over.



On the morning of the 20th of July they attended at the “LION BEFRIEDERS” function of their Sister-Club, the Lions Club of Singapore West in an elderly home and donated the amount of 200 US$ for the “LION BEFRIEDERS” project, which is set up by the Lion Club of Singapore West in order to improve the living conditions of senior citizens in the elderly homes.

Services that the “LION BEFRIEDERS” project include are: Psych-emotional support, limited health care support, simple house keeping, running errands, meal/ration distributing , social & recreational activities. We believe a very good project that deserves to be supported.


Lions Club of Phuket Andaman Sea
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