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Activities in 2004

11. January 2004


19. January 2004


9th January 2004

Donation of pens, books, pencils etc, for 207 child students of Ban Wang Tong school. Part of the National Children’s Day on 10th Jan. 14,000 Baht. 10th January 2004
Donation of 10,000 Baht for project with Sisterclub LC GeorgeTown, Penang. Donation of 10,000 Baht to Sisterclub LC GeorgeTown for other activities. 

11th January 2004

Donation of 36,000 Baht To Koh Sirea School for Re-Painting, to replace Fans and Lighting in School Canteen.
19th / 20th Jan 2004
Donation of 13,000 Baht to sponsor an English camp Weekend for the children of Ban Mai Kao School.

19. February 2004   23. February 2004

7th February 2004

Donation to Phuket Leo Club of 5,000 Baht towards expenses in attending the International 310 convention in Chiang Mai in March 2004.
11th February 2004
Donation of 2,100 Baht to Lions club International for helping of flood victims.
18th February 2004
Donation of 5,500 Baht to Miss Nalinee Boonthawatchai in Wachira Hospital. For Wheelchair cushion and Orange juices etc.
19th February 2004
Donation of 16,000 Baht for replacing Fans and to carry out repairs to students seating in Canteen at Sithsoonthornbamroong School in Thalang.


20th February 2004
Donation of 1,000 Baht towards Children’s day project.
21st February 2004

Encyclopedia Presentation to teachers - Plus Donation 660 Baht.

22nd February 2004
Donation/Sponsorship of 10,000 Baht to LC Phuket Pearl for Charity Gala Night on 6th March 2004.

23rd & 24th February 2004
English camp project at Koh Sireh School on Donation of 13,000 Baht.


09. March 2004


23. March 2004


09th March 2004

Koh Sirey School - Canteen Restoration. Additional Fans, lightning and painting for Canteen area for a total of 5,000 Baht.
15th March 2004
Donation to Lions Club of Phuket towards Car rally project - 3,000 Baht.
10th April 2004

Donation to LC Dusit Bangkok  5,000 Baht for their activities

23rd April 2004
Donation to Patong Child Care Center 5,000 Baht for Summer Camp Activities.

10. May 2004   19. May 2004

10th May 2004

Donation for College student fees for Miss Nalinee Boonthawatchai - 14,658 Baht.

19th may 2004

Donation to her Majesty, the Princess of Thailand, for the Fund 'To be Number One' to help for young people  against drugs - 10,000 Baht.
19. May 2004   26. May 2004

19th May 2004
Sponsoring 'Summer Training Camp' for Needy students with leadership potential - 16,000 Baht.
26th May 2004
Delinquent Center (young Offenders) - Donation of an oven to teach cooking skills - 9,000 Baht.

07. June 2004


07. June 2004


07th June 2004

Donation of 72,610 baht to Sithsoonthornbamroong School in Thalang for a water filtration system.
07th June 2004
Prison Child Care Center - Donation of Needy Goods for the amount of 6,490 Baht.

22. August 2004


28. August 2004


22 nd August 2004

Donation of 20,000 Baht for lunch at the Para-Olympics at Saphan Hin Stadium.
28th August 2004

Installation of the new Lions Sign Board near the Phuket Airport, by members of all 3 Phuket Clubs.

19. September 2004


08. October 2004


19th September 2004

Fundraising Bowling Tournament at the 'Big C' Supercenter. Various local and foreign teams took part in this fundraising event. The total profit from this fundraising event was 37.000 Baht

8th October 2004

Sightseeing Tour with 40 senior citizen from the ‘Elderly Home’ in Thalang. The tour included a visit of the History Museum in Thalang, a Cultural Show and Lunch at the Thai Village, a visit of the ‘Butterfly Garden’ and Wat Chalong.

28. November 2004


28. November 2004


28th November 2004

After an inspection of the Special School “SEUKSA PISET SCHOOL” in Baan Pak Klok in early October, we realized that there is a great need for sanitary goods.
We donated goods like: Soap, shampoo, tooth past, tooth brushes, talcum powder as well as food & drinks to the school and hope very much that we could help all the challenged children with this donation.

24. December 2004


30. December 2004


24th December 2004

We visited the ‘Home for the Elderly’ in Baan Pak Klok, and handed out some pocket money for each one.
30th December 2004

We donated several good, such as food, sanitary items, and cloth in one of Phuket Town’s slums. So many happy children receiving their Christmas presents.


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