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Activities in 2009

    January 2009:
Donation to Phuket Sunshine Village
Phuket, 2 January 2009

A donation of 100,000 THB was presented by Dr. Gerhard Gergely from Austria. Dr. Gergerly is a close friend of Lion Ernst Hrabalek, who is the IPP of the Lions Club of Phuket Pearl.
January 2009:
Donation to Phuket Sunshine Village
Phuket, 18 January 2009

A donation of a DVD player, projector, surround system and screen in the value of 38,000 THB was done by a Lions friend from Austria called Mr.Gerhard Döldl (second from left). We like to thank Mr. Döldl in the name of all childern.


    January 2009:
Donation to Phuket Sunshine Village
Phuket, 20 January 2009

A donation of a 40 inch TV in the value of 40,000 THB for the PSV was done by a good friend of our Lions Club from Germany. We would like to thank Mr. Ralf Schemenauer for this generous donation.
Further were donated jackets to the children in the value of 5,000 THB by Lion Peter, Lion Franky and Lion Anderl (all from our club).
January 2009:
Donation of Police Box in Kathu
Phuket, 24 January 2009

Our Lions Club donated 30,000 THB for construction a police box in Kathu. The total cost was 180,000 THB, the other 150,000 THB was all paid by Lions Member of our club.
The photo shows the official opening and hand-over ceremony.
    January 2009:
Donation to Dialysis Center in Penang
Phuket, 5 January 2009

Our Lions Club donated 31,000 THB for a dialysis center in Penang, that will be built and operated by our sister club, LC Geogretown.
The photo shows the ground breaking ceremony.
February 2009:
Donation of Rehabilitation Expenses
Phuket, 12 February 2009

Our Lions Club donated 11,300 THB for the Rehabilitation costs for the "Nong Mee" . This project is running since we found him in 2005 and his progress is quite remarkable. He could only walk on all 4 limbs back then and is now able to walk upright and even drive a bicycle. We have decided to continue this program for at least this year, maybe if necessary even longer. 
    March 2009:
Donation to the Phuket Sunshine Village
Phuket, 15 March 2009

Our Lions Club donated 31,000 THB to the Phuket Sunshine Village foundation in the name of our Sister Club
 LC Nagao from Japan.
April 2009:
Donation to the Elderly Home in Baan Paklok
Phuket, 13 April 2009

Our Lions Club donated 8,000 THB Elderly Home in Baan Paklok to organize a nice Songkran Party for the seniors in the village.
There was an entertainment program from some small children of the neighborhood a plenty of food later on.
  May 2009:
Sponsorship for day care of one child at PSV
Phuket, 12 May 2009

Our Lions Club donated 1,500 THB to sponsor
one child' day care fees for 3 month at Phuket Sunshine Village.
As there are quite some poor families in Phuket, who can not even afford 350 THB (per month) for the day care fee at PSV, we thought it would be a good idea to help some of these families.
June 2009:
Donation to Children at Special Olympics
Surathani, 17 - 18 June 2009

Our Lions Club donated at total of 21,000 THB for food of the children and helpers participating at the Special Olympics in Surathani.
7,000 THB was for breakfast of 200 children
12,000 THB was for lunch of 400 children and helpers and an additional 2,000 THB for snacks.
Lions T-Shirt    July 2009:
T-Shirt Activity for Phuket Sunshine Village

Our Lions Club produced T-Shirts with a drawing of Holly Maitland Smith, a 3 year old girl from Phuket. The shirts will be sold all over Phuket and the profit will be all donated to support the Phuket Sunshine Village foundation. The profit is not known at this point but this activity will be a long tern project of our club.
August 2009:
Encyclopedia Competition Phuket
Phuket, 22 August 2009

Our Lions Club donated at total of 15,000 THB to the Encyclopedia Competition in which 11 schools from Phuket participated.
Bed Activity    September 2009:
Donation to the home for troubled children and families in Phuket City.

Our Lions Club donated 20 bed sheets, 20 pillows and 20 blankets in a value of 16.600 Baht to the "Home for troubled children and families in Phuket City.
  This shelter is in big demand for help and asked us to support them, which we will most likely do again some time in the future.
October 2009:
Fun Day for school children from Khao Lak.
Similan Islands 28.10.2009

Our club invited 40 students & teachers from Baan Nam Kem School (Khao Lak) on the diving boat of our club President for a funtrip to the Similan Islands. All the children also got a Marine Scout Certification

Our club donated 10,000 THB for food, drinks, presents and gasoline the rest of the expenses was covered by our president Lion Franky Hewer.

  Bed Activity 
Bed Activity   November 2009:
Donation to Phuket Sunshine Village
Koh Sireh 21.11.2009

Our Lions Club has donated 10,000 THB for shelves to be placed in the new visitor room at PSV. On the same day Mr. Hannes Raul from Vienna donated 500,000 THB, which he collected from 2 Austrian companies to the PSV.
December 2009:
Donation for elderly people.
Baan Paklokh 21.12.2009

Our club donated food and handed out some pocket money in the Elderly Home in Baan Paklokh in a value of 13,228 THB. This home accommodated 78 elderly people in the moment and we hope that we could lighten up their day with our Christmas activity.

  Bed Activity 
Bed Activity   
December 2009:
Donation to Tessaban School in Phuket Town .
Phuket 23.12.2009

Our club donated 7,000 THB to Tessaban school in Phuket Town for their recycling project. Please see in the photo the handing-over of a appreciation award by our treasurer Lion Helmut Goergen and Mrs. Arunee.


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