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Activities in 2005

Immediate Relieve Activity in Khao Lak

9th January 2005
In the days following the disaster our Club members together with many relieve agencies were involved in the distribution of basic life sustaining supplies to those who lost almost everything.
We were deeply impressed with the caring attitude of the Thai Army who were of great support to the survivors.
  9th January 2005
Head of relief and rescue operations in Thailand, Dr. Khunying Pornthip, received well needed medical supplies. Our club together with the Lions Club of Bordeaux handed over Hydroclonazone, a drug that
can purify water within one hour and make it consumable. The quantities of medicine with a value of 5.000 Euro will purify about 50.000 liters of water.

Survey of effected Areas from Tsunami


20th January 2005
Members of our club together with members of the other two Lions Clubs of Phuket as well as Lions of the Multiple District 310 from Bangkok and a delegate from LCIF from the USA meet with Khun Sutham Saengpratum, the Vice-Interior Minister of Thailand to go on a helicopter cruise around the region. The cause of this trip was to inspect the damage of remote areas, to find out about the needs of the victims and to inspect already existing relieve effort projects.

The first destination was Takua Pa, the regional capitol of the area around Khao Lak, the worst hit areas in Thailand. There we meet with the Lions Club of Takua Pa who brought us to the local relieve center, where we received a detailed report about the relieve efforts and projects in this area.


20th January 2005
Second stop was at Koh Lanta, an island within the Krabi region. There we meet local residence of a fishing village that have lost most of their boats and are unable to provide any kind of income or food for their families. Minister Sutham Saengpratum  promised direct help from the government in order to improve the current situation.  

Third and last destination of our trip was the island of Phi Phi, also among the worst hit region in Thailand. The devastation there was absolutely unbelievable. The process of rebuilding this tropical paradise will take years and hundreds of families will be without jobs and income for a long time. Most of the local survivors had to be brought to other regions, to live there, as there is no more infrastructure left in Phi Phi.

Smile & Care Activity in Phuket & Khao Lak

Click here to see the Photo Gallery of this activity

05.02.05 till 09.02.05:
Together with two French association, our Club organized a week of  “ Smile and Care “activity for the children in Phuket and Kao Lak from 05.02.05 till 09.02.05. Our team was made of 3 members of the GSCF, 3 members of the ANIMA association, and Lions Club member lead by our very own French member and fundraising chairman, Lion Frank (opposite in the briefing with the tree clowns: Thierry, Rodrigue & Stephane).


Here Olivier unloading a truck, full of toys!



GSCF stands for Groupe de Secours Catastrophe Francais. They are specialized in Rescue operations worldwide, and have been present on some of the world biggest catastrophes: (9/11 at the World Trade Center, Beslar school massacre by Chechen rebels, Typhoons in the Philippines & Hawaii and earthquake in Turkey). GSCF was one of the first international team to arrive in Phuket on 29.12.05, and mainly concentrate their rescue efforts on the site of the Sofitel Hotel in Kao Lak, were many lost their lives. After a week of work in Thailand, they went on to Banda Aceh for another 10 days of operations. More about GSCF on: www.gscf.com

ANIMA is an amateur clown troop from Northern France. The 3 clowns (Thierry, Rodrigue & Stephane) are teachers in public schools, and volunteer during their spare time to visit children in hospitals and orphanages in France. Their mission in Phuket was their first international experience.


Clown Stephane

Clown Rodrigue

The Tour:
Arriving on Saturday the 5 th of February at Phuket airport with over 1 tone of toys and medicine, the team went straight to visit Children at Patong Hospital and Vachira Hospital in Phuket Town.
On Sunday the team started an exhausting but fantastic joy-bringing tour of Kao Lak refugee camps and schools. Over the next 3 days over 2000 children in 10 different locations, laughed, smiled and received toys and medical care from our multi –task crew.



Cheering up sick children in the hospital

Lion Ravin handing over needy goods


Other Activities:
Besides the clown shows, our team also brought much needed goods to both adults and children, such as shelves, computer desks, stationeries, and pencils for the schools and T.V ‘s , emergency lamps, mosquito repellents for the camps .
As part of our activity, we also organized a day trip for Kids from the Phuket Montessori school to Ban Nam Kem school in Kao Lak. Kids from both schools spend time together, exchanging addresses and laughs, and an exchange program is now being set up between both schools.

On Wednesday morning, few hours before departing back to France, our team visited two other child centers in Phuket.
Those places were the ‘Child Watch’ Day Care Center '
Oncle Pitak s Home' next to the Phuket prison. In this center, the ‘Child Watch’ association accommodates about 60 children of inmates, 5 day a week..
We then went on to Phuket Special School in Baan Pakhlok, were handicapped children are being taken care for. The school is the only place for all kind of handicapped children to go, from deaf or blind children to autistic and dawn syndrome kids.


At 'Oncle Pitak s Home'

Special Thanks
All this would not have been possible without the help and the support of the following people:

Thierry, Olivier, Alexandre
Thierry, Rodrigue, Stephane
The Thai Embassy in France
The French Embassy in Thailand
France Info:
Central Karon Village :
Jean Marc and Alexandre
The American Connection:
Ben, Frida and Jonny
The Dutch /Belgium Connection:
Edwin and Paul
Tsunami Volunteers in Kao Lak
The Thai Connection:
Khun Arunne & Khun Maria
Dr. Supalack
Poseidon CruisAiders:
Simone and Klaus
Evason Resort:
Hilton Phuket Arcadia ( Catherine and Chris)
Bumble Bee Tuna :
Brett Williams
Montessori School Phuket:
Khun Shane
Baan Nam Kem School :
Khun Tawit Jitpaisan
Wat Ban Bangsak:
Ajarn Ladda
Baan Bang Niang School:
Ajarn Sompoj
Baan Bakweep:
Ajarn Wattana
Oncle Pitak s Home:
Khun Jit
Singapore Airlines
Vachira Hospital and Patong Hospital


Meeting with teachers and students from the Montessori School at Baan Nam Kem School

Brett singing the "Bumblebee Tuna' song

Click here to see the Photo Gallery of the 'Smile & Care' activity

Photo Exhibition of Smile & Care Activity


5th & 6th of March 2005  
We organized a photo exhibition of the best shoots from our 'Smile and Care Activity' in the Central Festival - Super Center in Phuket Town.


Main goal of this exhibition  was to create awareness of Lions activities, to display this beautiful collection of photos and raise some funds. Click here the view the photos from the exhibition.

Field Trip with children from Uncle Pitak's Home


On the 29th of March 2005 we picked up about 60 children from the Child Care Center 'Uncle Pitak's Home' next to Phuket Prison. Along with 10 students from South Africa we took them to Tonsai Waterfall Park to enjoy a lovely day out.


The day started with singing in the coach, after that dancing in the park and lots of games for the children. After a lovely lunch we organized more games and fun for the children. The day out was a complete success with lots of happy faces.

Donation of Food and Toys at the Sea Gypsy Village in Koh Sireh
12th and 26th of April 2005

Beach Visit with children from "Uncle Pitak's Home"

30th May 2005 

Our Lions Club members took 50 Children from 'Uncle Pitak's Home' Child Care Center to Laem Ga Noi Beach for activities with a group of students from South Korean International School. Many of the children have never been to the beach and had the greatest time - a truly unforgettable experience for the most of them and great fun for us to see how easy it is to make these poor children happy!


Donation of a Therapy Pool at Special School

16th July 2005

Lion President Lupo shaking hands with Paul Desjoyaux at the official opening of the sponsored therapy-pool by Desjoyaux Pools. It was installed at Bann Pakhlok Special school in Phuket on the 16th of July 2005. The donated pool has a value of around 240.000 THB. We would like to thank our I.P.P. Peter for his great connection to Desjoyaux Pools, the world's largest pool manufacturer, and their generous donation.


Donation to Royal Foundation

27th July 2005

The Lions Club of Phuket Andaman Sea, together with the Lions Club of Phuket Pearl and the Lions Club of Phuket
donated 15 000 Baht in support to the King Foundation for dentures of elderly people through Dr. Wiwat, Director of Thalang Hospital. Opposite: Lion President Olinto "Lupo" Barletta and Lion Helmut handing over the donation to Dr. Wiwat.



Lions Club of Phuket Andaman Sea
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