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Activities in 2007

January 2007

10.01.07 Our club has received a Donation of 450 Euro from Mr. Fassbender of Germany.

12.01.07 Our club gave a donation of 8,000 THB to Thai Rath School

Donation to Thai Rath School


February 2007

LC Gustaf Vasa (Sweden) gave us a donation of 100 000 Swedish Kroner for the Phuket Sunshine Village (Child Care Centre) on the 13.02.07

March 2007
Lions Convention
Kanchanaburi  23.03 – 25.03.07

Lions President Helmut Goergen attended the 3 day convention in Kanchanaburi.



April 2007

Installation of new Donation Boxes in Carrefour and Central department store.

Donation from Lions Club Vrienden on 10.04.07

June 2007

New Club Badges (300) arrived. 30 000 Baht
(20 000 Baht sponsored by Lion Gerar)

18.06.07 Donation to Koh Sireh School

29.6.2007: Opening of the PSV ( 8.30 a.m.)
Finally after years of hard work our biggest project in club history is completed and opened its doors for many children in need. For more images of the opening ceremony click here!


Donation to Koh Sireh School

Phuket Sunshine Village Opening Ceremony


Phuket Sunshine Village Opening Ceremony

July 2007
Special Olympics Opening Eyes
Phuket, 27-29 June 2007

Donation of 10,000 THB for transportation of the athletes to the games and back home.

Special Olympics is the world's largest program of sports training and athletic competition for children and adults with intellectual disabilities: it currently serves more than 2.25 million persons with intellectual disabilities in more than 200 Programs in more than 160 countries.
To get more info click here!

  August 2007
Singapore Visit
24-26 August 2007

A delegation of six members from our club went to Singapore, to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of our Sister-Club LC Singapore West. The members were treated second to none and had also the opportunity to visit a newly opened elderly home that the LC Singapore West is operating. We donated 1,000 S$ for their club
and 500 US$ for the clubs projects.

September 2007
Donation of needy goods to Elderly Home
Phuket, 14 September 2007

Donation of needy goods such as food and hygienic supplies for the Elderly Home in
Baan Paklok in the value of 13,000 THB.
A much appreciated activity as we delivered
some rare treats for the senior citizens.
There are currently living 88 seniors between
60 and 96 years in this centre.


September 2007
Certificate for good Students and Teachers
Poster Competition

Phuket, 15 September 2007

Joint activity from all 3 Lions Clubs from Phuket. Handing over certificates for good results for students and teachers at Vitayalai school. In a second activity that day rewards for the winners of the annual poster competition were given out. Total amount of donation by our club 7200 THB.

  October 2007
Youth Football Tournament
Phuket 7-8 October 2007

As part of our Sports Against Drugs Champagne we supported a youth football tournament with 44 teams from the age of 12 -14. The tournament took place at the football stadium in Kathu.

We sponsored all trophies for the teams and paid for the referees of the tournament. Total value of  9,000 THB we donated.
October 2007
The “Bear Boy” Project
Phuket, 18 October 2007

Donation of 11,300 THB for Physical Therapy at Bangkok Phuket Hospital.

This is a particularly touching story about a eleven year old boy from Phuket. He is known as “Nong Mee” (which means “Bear Boy”). The local villagers call him this name because he was unable to walk upright and he used all four limbs to get around.

July 2005 when we found Nong Mee

Now already on a bicycle


He received a C.T. Scan and a M.R.I. Test and the best care in a private room for two days in July 2005.
The overall diagnosis from the Pediatric Specialist, Physical Therapy Specialist, Pediatric Neurologist Specialist was as follows:

1. Celebral Palsy caused by cerebellar
 degeneration (stabilization problem)

2. Mental retardation (caused by many years of isolation)

3. Flat Foot condition

Our club has raised funds to pay for his Therapy since July 2005! He can slowly walk upright meanwhile and is starting to learn to write now. Click here for more info!

November 2007
Fieldtrip with children from PSV
Phuket, 17 November 2007

Our Lions Club organised a fieldtrip with all the children from PSV in a joint activity with LC Phuket Pearl, Total value 17,000 THB.


We picked up 42 children and 8 mothers in the morning with a big AC coach to bring them to the Phuket Aquarium.

The children loved all the colorful fishes and had a great time, a truly memorable experience!!

After the Aquarium is was time for a real treat in form of Pizza Hut. The children enjoy a very good cuisine in the village, but Pizza is not on the menu at the village and they sure loved very bite of it.

Mother and children alike had great time with this culinary experience!

After Pizza Hut we went to the beach for an afternoon of swimming and playing in the sand.

We also had a look at the Sea Turtle Project that was just near by.

After a couple of ours in the sun we brought a bunch of tired and exhausted, but very happy children back to the village.


December 2007
Christmas Party for children
Phuket, 22 December 2007

Child Watch Phuket & Phuket Sunshine Village organised a Christmas Party for their children at Boat Lagoon. Present were about 120 children from all ages. Our Club donated 20,000 THB and our members an additional 30,000 THB for this very memorable event.

  First performance was the almost famous
"Hulla Hulla Dance" from the smallest of our PSV children, followed by Carol Singers from Thepamnuay school and some games.
One of the highlights was the Magic & Clown show by Mr. Sunny. After that all children were treated with food and snacks. The final highlight was Santa Claus' entry with sooooooooooooo many candies and presents for the children.



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